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Chain of Responsibility

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TransChoice have comprehensive, affordable and customisable Safety Management Systems available to enable compliance with the regulation. This includes a comprehensive Chain of Responsibility Manual including templates, registers etc as well as an integrated Driver Induction Manuals which can also be customised to suit your operation.

Chain of Responsibility put in simple terms is the adherence to the  Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) (PDF, 3.1MB) and ensuring that “no-one in the Supply Chain causes a driver or other members of the supply chain to breach any element of Road Transport Law, specifically the HVNL”.

Chain of Responsibility or Safety Management Systems must cover 6 main elements – mass, dimension, load restraint, speed, fatigue and vehicle standards (maintenance).

There are key elements within the HVNL that must be addressed and met with compliance on a daily level by all Heavy Vehicle operators. We assist operators understand their liabilities under the HVNL and implement procedures and strategies to ensure the highest level of compliance and minimise the operator risk of exposure. See the links below for more information.

Click on this link to go to the NHVR website for the latest information on CoR regulations

All transport operators small or large must have a Chain of Responsibility (CoR) system in place if they want to be able to demonstrate “Primary Duty” or “reasonably practical steps” have been taken to prevent or eliminate the potential for breaches to occur.

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